MiCro Distilleries

*Note: This is not an exhaustive list, and the map only shows the distilleries listed below which have whiskies on the market from their own distillate. This will be updated as products from different distilleries are tasted. Please see here for a more exhaustive list of the craft scene in Canada.

Favorite Bottles Reviewed From the Micro Scene:



66 Gilead Distillery

Bloomfield, ON. Founded 2011. Web: 66gileaddistillery.com

66 Gilead, named after its street address, is located in Prince Edward County. Prince Edward County is known for its wine - leading, of course, to the distillery's crimson rye being aged in Pinot Noir casks. It was founded by two radiologists who still work day jobs, and run the distillery on the side. They produce a variety of spirits - whisky, vodka (pine, wheat, rye), gin, rum, and shochu - a distilled spirit from barley and rice originating from Japan.


Crimson Rye

Wild Oak Whisky

De Vine Vineyards

Saanichton, BC. Founded: 2013. Web: devinevinyards.ca

De Vine was founded as a vineyard in 2007 and has added a new distillery. It is very much a craft operation – they even have local maltsters floor malt local barley on site. They recently bought a farm to grow barley to distill, and have pushed the boundaries of local, even distilling an Ancient Grains whisky from organic British Columbia kamut, spelt, emmer, and einkorn – filled into new barrels. The head distiller, Ken Winchester, previously apprenticed at Bruichladdich and started Victoria Gin in 2007.

Their single malt, Glen Saanich, is aged in quarter cask ex-Bourbon barrels from Washington state. There are plans for barrel finishes with Sherry and Sauternes casks. The three year old Glen Saanich whisky will be available starting in 2018.


Glen Saanich Single Malt


Beamsville, ON. Founded: 2012. Web: dillons.ca

Dillon’s is a highly regarded craft distiller, becoming known in the market for their impressive line of mixing spirits: an unfiltered gin, a dry gin, strawberry gin, rose gin, cherry gin, vodka, absinthe, limoncello, and a seemingly endless line of impressive bitters. In Ontario, Dillon’s products can be seen in both bars and liquor stores throughout Ontario.

Their rye whisky came of age in 2016, and has been a huge hit.


Dillon's Three Oaks Rye

Last Mountain Distillery

Lumsden, SA. Founded 2010. Web: lastmountaindistillery.com

This distillery was founded by Colin and Meredith Schmidt, with a background in banking and finance (and hockey - Colin spent some time in the NHL). Last Mountain was the first micro-distillery in Saskatchewan, and, as craft distillers go, produce a number of products including their dill pickle vodka.  They make two whiskies from wheat and rye, their last mountain whisky and their private reserve. Products are only available in Saskatchewan, though they ship to British Columbia and Alberta.


Last Mountain

Last Mountain 100% Wheat

Last Mountain 100% Rye

Last Mountain Private Reserve

Last Straw Distillery

Vaughan, ON. Founded: 2016. Web: laststrawdistillery.com

Last Straw distillery started up production in 2016, producing rums, gins, and soon-to-be whiskies in all sorts of different casks. Much of their distillate is very clean, which I like, meaning that their younger stuff tastes terrific. As with many craft distilleries, much experimentation is taking place. They have even experimented with some malted corn, which, in my opinion, was their most complex spirit that I tasted out of the cask - I'm excited for that future release. Oh, and their blackstrap white rum is terrific.


Blackstrap (White Rum)

Blackstrap Rum

Dark Side of the Moonshine

Darker Side of the Moonshine

Gin Twenty-One

North of 7 Distillery

Ottawa, ON. Founded 2014. Web: northof7distillery.ca

Two founders, with a love of bourbon, founded a distillery in the nation's capital - now producing grain forward Canadian whisky (of various mashbills, matured in New Oak from Independent Stave Co.), gin, and a noteworthy cask strength rum. The founders started together with a rock climbing gym, evidenced in how they stack barrels (if you are visiting the distillery, ask to see their barrels and ask how they assemble them so high!). I'll say it again...if you are in the area, taste their products, and buy Leatherback Special Reserve (Cask Strength).


Leatherback Canadian Rum

Leatherback Special Reserve Canadian Rum

North of 7 Whisky

Triple Beam Gin

Okanagan Spirits Craft Distillery

Vernon, BC. Kelowna, BC. Founded 2004. Web: okanaganspirits.com

Okanagan Spirits is one of the micro distilleries in Canada - and it's quite large. It is bigger than Glenora, and has expanded now to include two different sites. Grains and fruits for the various spirits are sourced from British Columbia, and a variety of different products are produced including single malts dating back to 2007, though the distillery is focusing on whisky particularly at the moment. They make 4 different types of whisky - a rye, a bourbon style whisky, a single malt, and a distiller series of whiskies where the wort is created like a beer (hopped, etc.) before being distilled.

The Kelowna site has a 250 litre Mueller Copper Pot still, and the original Vernon site has a 650, 1000 and 2000 litre copper pot stills, including the tallest copper pot still in North America.


McLoughlin & Steele Canadian Whisky (Produced for United Distributors)

Pemberton Distillery

Founded: 2008. Pemberton, British Columbia. Web: pembertondistillery.ca

Pemberton makes a variety of spirits, all organic and certified to be so in Canada, the US, and Europe. They specialize in distilling from the pemberton potato, distilling vodka, gin, absinthe, schnaps, and liquers from it. Beyond being simply organic, the distillery is energy efficient even using geothermal energy for a proportion of heat for their still!


Pemberton Valley Single Malt

Shelter Point Distillery

Founded 2010. Vancouver Island, British Columbia. Web: shelterpoint.ca

Shelter Point was founded by a third generation farmer, Patrick Evans, buying a 330 acre farm on which much of the barley used in their whisky production is grown on site. The distillery, rather than releasing right away, waited 5 years before releasing their first whisky: a single malt. The distillery itself is very beautiful, and consequently has been sought after as a wedding venue since the distillery opened.


Shelter Point Inaugural Run

Shelter Point Distiller's Select Cask Strength

Still Waters Distillery

Concord, ON. Founded 2009. Web: stilllwatersdistillery.com

Still Waters was founded by Barry Stein and Barry Bernstein, and produced the first Ontario single malt seen in years. They are producing single malt, a 100% rye whisky, and a corn whisky all from their pot still under their Stalk & Barrel brand. They bottle all their products single cask, with detailed cask information on their website, and they release their whiskies at both 46% and at cask strength, in addition to their blended whisky which is created from a mix of their own whisky and sourced whisky.

Their rye whisky is particularly noteworthy and has won a number of awards, and it is the best new make (the whisky distillate before it is aged) I have ever tasted. If you visit the distillery you can buy the new make as well as small casks to age your own spirits! Their informative website is here.


Stalk & Barrel #Canada150 Blend

Stalk & Barrel Blue Blend

Stalk & Barrel Red Blend

Stalk & Barrel Rye

Stalk & Barrel Rye (Cask Strength)

Stalk & Barrel 1+11 Special Blend

Stalk & Barrel Single Malt

Stalk & Barrel Single Malt (Cask Strength)

Still Waters Small Cask Brandy

Two Brewers Distillery

Whitehorse, YT. Founded 2009.

This Yukon distillery - it must be one of the most northerly distilleries in the world, came out of a brewery founded by Bob Baxter and Alan Hansen in 1997. In 2009, the brewery invested in a pot still, resulting in a new craft distillery. Unlike most micro distilleries which, eager for cash flow, start to release their whisky until it is 3 years old - Two Brewers waited 7 years until 2016 to release 4 different single malt releases. Because of the many years of brewing before distilling, Two Brewers comes to distilling with more expertise in fermenation, the key flavor generation process in whisky production, than many micro distillers. They release 4 different product lines of single malt - classic, peated, special finishes, and innovative.

They use a large proportion of new oak, alongside bourbon barrels, and a number of different malts and fermentation techniques. They are worth a try!

Two Brewers Classic Single Malt

Two Brewers Innovative Single Malt

Two Brewers Peated Single Malt

Two Brewers Special Finishes Single Malt

Micro Producers

There are a few producers now in Canada who are not yet whisky distilleries, but still blend whiskies.

Twelve Barrels

Napanee, ON. Founded 2016. Web: twelvebarrels.com

Twelve Barrels was founded in 2016 by Cole Miller, releasing their flagship product in 2017 - a blended Canadian whisky.


Twelve Barrels

Wayne Gretzky Estates

Niagara-on-the-Lake, ON. Founded 2008 (Distillery to come 2017). Web: gretzkyestateswines.com

Though Gretzky started with a wine brand, they have now started to blend their own whisky with an eye on their new micro distilllery which is opening in 2017. Their Red Cask whisky is finished in Gretzky wine casks, having been sourced elsewhere.


Wayne Gretzky Red Cask No. 99

Wayne Gretzky Ice Cask

Wayne Gretzky Ninety Nine Proof