MiCro Distilleries

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*Note: This is not an exhaustive list, and the map only shows the distilleries listed below which have whiskies on the market from their own distillate. This will be updated as products from different distilleries are tasted. Please see here for a more exhaustive list of the craft scene in Canada.

Favorite Bottles:



Artist in residence distillerie

Gatineau, QC. Founded 2017. Web: airdistillerie.com

This distillery is built in a very modern distillery (inside and out) in Gatineau, just across the river from Ottawa. The distillery was founded by an owner of a truck dealership and features various products, including some nice gins, bottled cocktails, liquers - and whisky on the way.


Waxwing Bohemian Gin

Black Fox Farm & Distillery

Saskatoon, SK. Founded 2014. Web: blackfoxfarmdistillery.com

This distillery in Saskatchewan is unique in the sense of its founders: grain farmers. While many distillers come from brewing or distilling backgrounds, few come from a step earlier – farming backgrounds, in line with many of the original distillers. They had reached the point where they either needed to get a lot bigger (double in size) to remain viable, or get “creative”. They went with the latter and started a distillery, beginning with varietal vodkas but now moving on to Gin, Whisky, and a few other products including a collaboration with a local producer to make a rhubarb wine and gin spritz (quite tasty if you like country wines). The whisky is of age, as of 2018, but is yet to be released.


A few whiskies on the way from Black Fox Farm

Black Fox Cucumber Gin #7

Black Fox Dry Gin #3

Black Fox Oaked Gin

Burwood Distillery

Calgary, AB. Founded 2016. Web: burwooddistillery.ca

Burwood distillery was founded by a brewing professor, real estate agent, and honey farmer. The trio set out to become celebrated for aged spirits. But, they’ve made quite a splash with their gins and liquers along the way, especially a Croation honey liqueur.

The distillery is no stranger to innovation. They “like to confuse the government”,  co-founder Jordan Ramey chuckles. Indeed, half of the bottles that Burwood produces are classified as “miscellaneous spirit in bottle”. Burwood makes gins, honey eau-de-vie, honey liquers, whiskies, ready-to-drink coolers and cocktails. They also make outstanding aged honey “rums” that are worth seeking out.


Cool Cucumber Gin

Single Hive (Rye Cask)

Cirka Distillery

Montreal, QC. Founded 2014. Web: cirka.ca

Founded by Paul Cirka, who studied botany and biology. He has a passion for whisky, but, as with many new distilleries – Cirka started with gin and vodka. Cirka has produced a few gins – a navy strength, a dry gin, and some limited releases. Cirka also has batches of 100% rye, 100% corn, 100% malt on the go, with releases starting in 2019. The products are made with at least 90% organic products.


Cirka Premiere Whisky 93/07

Central City Distillery

Surrey, BC. Founded 2013. Web: centralcitybrewing.com

Central City entered the scene with their Red Racer beer, and forayed into distillation in 2013. The distillery combines the brewing talents of Gary Lohin and distilling talents of Stuart McKinnon to create their Lohin McKinnon single malt.


Lohin McKinnon Barley & Rye Lightly Peated (Canada's 150th Anniversary Lim. Ed.)

Lohin McKinnon Cacao Aged Single Malt

Lohin McKinnon Chocolate Malt

Lohin Mckinnon Niagara Wine Barrel

Lohin McKinnon Peated

Lohin McKinnon Peated Bordeaux Finish

Lohin McKinnon Single Malt

Lohin McKinnon Wine Barrel Finished (Black Sage)

Compass Distillery

Halifax, NS. Founded: 2017. Web: compassdistillers.ca

Compass distillers was founded with an eye towards aging spirits in the Halifax citadel, an active part of Canada’s defences in the 1800s. Now, compass sits on 68 barrels of spirits that are aging slowly in the cool, dark, stone rooms of the citadel. They are well known for their gins - but there is lots up their sleeve - aquavit, genever, and whiskies.


100% Nova Scotia Rye Whisky


Daily Ration Rum

Fort George Genever

Gin Wild

Gin Royal

Noon Gun Gin

Confluence Distilling

Calgary, Alberta. Founded: 2018. Web: confluencedistilling.ca

Confluence Distilling has its origins in a 2007 experiment with a bag of russet potatoes, boiling water, bakers yeast, and some crossed fingers. The distillery was built from scratch with a focus on local considerations - from the grain to the decor. Their vision goes beyond good spirits. The distillery aims to help Albertans connect with local culture, art, cocktails, and, of course, each other. They produce a number of quality spirits - but there is wheat, rye, and single malt whisky on the way.


Pink Gin

Vinland Aquavit

Copper Spirit Distillery

Bowen Island, BC. Web: copperspirit.ca

Copper Spirit distillery is located on the beautiful Bowen Island off the coast of Vancouver. It was founded by Miguel and Candice Kabantsov, originally a visual effects specialist and photographer, respectively. Their artistic nature is reflected in their product design - perhaps some of the most beautiful spirits bottles in Canada. The spirits are thoughtfully branded, inspired by the ingredients, process, and connection of those that drink them. They produce a vodka, gin, and rye spirit from organic non-GMO ingredients (including organic yeast), with grain sourced from a co-op in Armstrong, BC. There are wheat and rye whiskies on the go, too.


Harmony Dry Gin

Presence Vodka

Verity Rye Spirit

Dairy Distillery

Almonte, ON. Founded: 2017. Web: dairydistillery.com

Now here is a unique concept – in partnership with the University of Ottawa, the Canadian Dairy Commission, and the Dairy Farmers of Ontario – the Dairy Distillery ferments and distills a milk by-product (milk permeate) into “Vodkow”. This transforms a waste byproduct, which can’t be flushed down the drain due to the sugar content, into a “vodka” and a byproduct, left after distillation, which can be flushed down the drain! One of the most unique spirits you can taste. There is a gin coming, too.



De Vine Vineyards

Saanichton, BC. Founded: 2013. Web: devinevinyards.ca

De Vine was founded as a vineyard in 2007 and has added a new distillery. It is very much a craft operation – they even have local maltsters floor malt local barley on site. They recently bought a farm to grow barley to distill, and have pushed the boundaries of local, even distilling an Ancient Grains whisky from organic British Columbia kamut, spelt, emmer, and einkorn – filled into new barrels. The head distiller, Ken Winchester, previously apprenticed at Bruichladdich and started Victoria Gin in 2007.

Their single malt, Glen Saanich, is aged in quarter cask ex-Bourbon barrels from Washington state. There are plans for barrel finishes with Sherry and Sauternes casks. The three year old Glen Saanich whisky will be available starting in 2018.

Read about my visit to Glen Saanich here.


Glen Saanich Ancient Grains

Glen Saanich Ancient Grains Cask Strength (Bottled for the Strath)

Glen Saanich Genever

Glen Saanich Single Malt

West Coast Speakeasy (Bottled for the Strath)


Beamsville, ON. Founded: 2012. Web: dillons.ca

Dillon’s is a highly regarded craft distiller, becoming known in the market for their impressive line of mixing spirits: an unfiltered gin, a dry gin, strawberry gin, rose gin, cherry gin, vodka, absinthe, limoncello, and a seemingly endless line of impressive bitters. In Ontario, Dillon’s products can be seen in both bars and liquor stores throughout Ontario.

Their rye whisky came of age in 2016, and has been a huge hit.


Dillon’s Dry Gin 7

Dillon’s Peach Schnapps

Dillon’s Rose Gin

Dillon's Rye

Dillon's Three Oaks Rye

Dillon’s Unfiltered Gin 22

dragon Mist distillery

Surrey, BC. Opened: 2012. Web: dragonmistdistillery.com

Dragon Mist makes a number of different products from B.C. grown wheat, but the most notable of these is Baijiu, the most popular spirit in the world and is China’s most popular spirit. The baijiu is crafted using traditional methods and represents, in the Canadian context, one of the most distinct products that a micro distillery is producing.

Dragon Mist produces other white spirits, like vodka and gin, and also liquers.


Dragon Mist Baijiu

Dragon Mist Gin

dubh glas distillery

Oliver, BC. Opened: 2015. Web: thedubhglasdistillery.com

“Dubh Glas” means “from the dark water” - it was named such becuase of the water source of the distillery (a well on the property of the distillery). It is headed by distiller Grant Stevely, with a focus on single malt (no surprise there, given the Gaelic Name!). They make gin and started releasing single malt whisky in 2019.


Against All Odds Single Malt

Empathy Single Malt

Eau Claire Distillery

Turner Valley, Alberta. Founded 2014. Web: eauclairedistillery.ca

Eau Claire is located in Alberta in Turner Valley, an agriculturally rich area fed by water runoff from the rocky mountains. The name itself, “Eau Claire” is indicative of the clear water flowing off the mountains. The distillery itself has a stable of plough horses which are used to produce some of the house-grown grain for their spirits. But, where they aren’t grown themselves, they are sourced very locally - within 100 miles of the distillery, if possible. Even after a short age of operation, the distillery’s products have taken home a large number of awards. The distillery is housed in a 1929 movie theatre and dance hall.

For up to date info on their products, join their cask club.


Eau Claire Single Malt

Parlour Gin

Ploughman’s Rye

Fils Du Roy Distillery

Paquetville, New Brunswick. Founded 2012. Web: distilleriefilsduroy.com

Fils du Roy is a small family run distillery located on the Acadian coast, in a French speaking area of New Brunswick. Sebastien Roy, the master distiller, brewer, and master of the Chai of the distillery started brewing alcohol in his closet when he was 15 years old and in 2012 he founded Fils du Roy. They make whisky and an unusual style of beer - sweet beers, which have a lot of bitterness to balance out the sweetness (but not a ton of hop flavour). The distillery is full of experimentation, using different yeasts of blends of yeasts and rarely doing the same thing twice.


Fils Du Roy Appalachia New Brunswick Rye Whisky

Fils Du Roy New Brunswick Single Malt Whisky

Fils Du Roy for Congres Mondial Acadien 2019

Fils Du Roy Single Malt for Richelieu International

Goodridge & Williams

Delta, BC. Founded: 2013. Web: goodridgeandwilliams.com

One of the larger BC distillers, with a 2500 litre pot and a 600 litre pot with plates. The distillery surpasses the annual 100,000 litre threshold of alcohol production, so it is one of the few BC distilleries too large to be eligible for a BC Craft license. They are devoted to cocktails, and their Sid’s and Nutrl Vodkas are highly regarded. They also produce whiskies, gin, RTDs, liquers, and other products. And, rum is on the way.


Northern Grains Canadian Whisky

Western Grains Canadian Whisky

King's Lock Distillery

Johnstown, ON. Founded: 2016. Web: https://www.klcraftdistillery.ca/

King's Lock has been started with an eye looking towards sustainability and green principles: using local organic grain, water recycling, and grain mash recycling. They are producing a spicy rye whisky, rum, vodka, and gin. They have a number of aged and unaged products already out in the market.


King's Lock 1000 Islands Moonshine

King's Lock Smuggler's Gold Rum

King's Lock Prescott White Rye

King's Lock Whiskyjack Rye

Kinsip house of fine spirits

Bloomfield, ON. Founded 2011. Web: kinsip.ca

The distillery was originally named after its street address, 66 Gilead. It is located in Prince Edward County, which is known for its wine - leading, of course, to the distillery's crimson rye being aged in Pinot Noir casks. It was founded by two radiologists who still work day jobs, and ran the distillery on the side. It was later acquired and renamed kinsip, with some re-branding and brand extensions (including some delicious barrel aged maple syrup). They produce a variety of spirits - whisky, vodka (pine, wheat, rye), gin, rum, and shochu - a distilled spirit from barley and rice originating from Japan.


Crimson Rye

Wild Oak Whisky

Jones Distilling

Revelstoke, BC. Founded: 2015. Web: jonesdistilling.com

Jones distilling is located in the heart of Revelstoke, in a repurposed historic school. They produce a number of products, including gins, vodkas, and some very tasty “bathtub” gins which are infused with various berries. Whisky is on the way, too.


Mr. Jones Premium Vodka

Revelstoke Bathtub Gin No. 6 Raspberry

Revelstoke Premium Gin No. 1

Last Mountain Distillery

Lumsden, SA. Founded 2010. Web: lastmountaindistillery.com

This distillery was founded by Colin and Meredith Schmidt, with a background in banking and finance (and hockey - Colin spent some time in the NHL). Last Mountain was the first micro-distillery in Saskatchewan, and, as craft distillers go, produce a number of products including their dill pickle vodka.  They make two whiskies from wheat and rye, their last mountain whisky and their private reserve. Products are only available in Saskatchewan, though they ship to British Columbia and Alberta.


Granny's Gin

Last Mountain

Last Mountain 100% Rye Whisky

Last Mountain 100% Wheat Whisky

Last Mountain 306 Rum

Last Mountain Dill Pickle Vodka

Last Mountain Distiller’s Select Canadian Whisky

Last Mountain Single Malt Whisky

Last Mountain Wine Cask Wheat Whisky

Last Mountain Private Reserve

Last Straw Distillery

Vaughan, ON. Founded: 2016. Web: laststrawdistillery.com

Last Straw distillery started up production in 2016, producing rums, gins, and soon-to-be whiskies in all sorts of different casks. Much of their distillate is very clean, which I like, meaning that their younger stuff tastes terrific. As with many craft distilleries, much experimentation is taking place. They have even experimented with some malted corn, which, in my opinion, was their most complex spirit that I tasted out of the cask - I'm excited for that future release. Oh, and their blackstrap white rum is terrific.


Blackstrap (White Rum)

Blackstrap Rum

Dark Side of the Moonshine

Darker Side of the Moonshine

Last Straw Rye Whisky

Last Straw Scorn Whisky

Last Straw Stout Whisky

Gin Twenty-One

Golden Gin

Whisky in the 6

The Liberty Distillery

Vancouver, BC. Founded 2010. Web: thelibertydistillery.com

The Liberty Distillery was founded on Granville island with a vision to create spirits from organic, BC grain. The distillery makes vodkas, gins, and whiskeys. They make a vodka from oats which has achieved acclaim (how often do you see an oat vodka) and multiple gins, including one which only uses BC botanicals (so no citrus). On the whisky side, they make multiple varieties and use triple-distillation and generally are seeking to produce whiskies in an Irish-style (as particularly seen in their single grain whisky).


Endeavour Origins Gin

Trust Ancient Grains Whisky

Trust Canadian Rye Whisky

Trust Single Grain Whisky

Trust Southern Whisky

Lone Pine Distilling

Edmonton, AB. Founded: 2017. Web: lonepinedistilling.ca

Lone Pine distillery was named after a lone pine that watched over a cabin where the founders often sipped spirits. The distillery focuses on using regionally sourced ingredients, products, and services to make vodkas, gins, corn whiskies, bourbon-style whiskies, and wheat whiskies. They make one of the best vodkas I’ve ever had (their parkland wheat).


Barrel-Aged Gateway Gin

Earl Grey Gin

Field Corn Vodka

Gateway Dry Gin

Parkland Wheat Vodka

Rocky Mountain Gin

mad laboratory distilling

Vancouver, BC. Founded 2013. Web: madlabdistilling.com

Mad Lab Distilling is a very unique distillery in Canada, in particular, because of the uniqueness - the still was designed and built by the head distiller and is direct fired, meaning that the still is heated directly by fire underneath the still rather than by steam or other methods. This creates a toasty flavour from the caramelization of the sugars against the hot sections of the still. Notably, the tasting room also offers gins blended in the tasting room for particular palates. The passion is whisky, but they aren’t there - yet. However, their new make single malt is really good.


Mad Lab Gin6

Mad Lab Vodka

Mad Dog Single Malt Spirit

Viking Vodka

Maison sivo

Monteregie, Quebec. Founded 2015. Web: maisonsivo.ca

In Hungary, where Janos Sivo’s family comes from, the national drink is palinka, typically unaged brandy made from various fruits - plum, quince, cherries, berries, etc. - at homes it’s often taken as a shot (as I was treated to, when I lived in Hungary!). Sivo’s grandparents both distilled palinka, but when he moved to Canada there was no market for it. So, among some fruit brandies, Janos Sivo got into making whisky which he finds “very complex, very exciting!”. The distillery is located on a farm and makes single malt and rye whiskies, employing many different types of casks and also making herbal and fruit liquers.


Sivo Le Rye

Sivo Le Single Malt

Sivo Rebel Le Moonshine Du Rye

Newfoundland Distillery

Clarke’s Beach, NL. Founded 2016. Web: thenewfoundlanddistillery.com

Headed up by a retired executive chef and the artist Peter Wilkins (and previous star of the Dom Joly Happy Hour, some time ago), the Newfoundland Distillery features some innovative takes on spirits - charred birch, sea salt, and kelp to recreate the flavours of gunpowder in rum, or their seaweed gin, or their aquavit which is smoked with peat and juniper. The spirits they create are generally focused around just a handful of featured, local flavours rather than utilizing a large diversity of botanicals.

Notably, the distillery partnered with the Department of Agriculture to develop a pilot project to grow barley in Newfoundland. This three-row barley is the first to be grown in Newfoundland. The first year, they only had a few tons to work with, but in the fall of 2019 the distillery is expecting to have about 40 tons of grain to use! Out of this, whisky will begin to add to the already impressive lineup of gins, rums, and spirits.



Chaga Rum

Cloudberry Gin

Gunpowder & Rose Rum

Seaweed Gin

Niagara Falls Craft Distillers

Niagara Falls, ON. Founded 2016. Web: niagarafallscraftdistillers.com

This Niagara Falls distillery was founded in part by Andy Muirison, who worked for about 20 years for Diageo before joining in the venture to found Niagara Falls Craft distillers. They entered the market with a sourced light mixing whisky which is now also being produced at the distillery, with intentions of producing some single malt which mimics some lighter Highland Scotch Whisky. For now, they're leaning on the lighter mixing whisky, vodka, and gin to carry them through until the single malt is ready. They're also taking time to investigate rum, which, also, is well underway.


Barreling Annie Canadian Whisky

Niagara Falls Rye Whisky

North of 7 Distillery

Ottawa, ON. Founded 2014. Web: northof7distillery.ca

Two founders, with a love of bourbon, founded a distillery in the nation's capital - now producing grain forward Canadian whisky (of various mashbills, matured in New Oak from Independent Stave Co.), gin, and a noteworthy cask strength rum. The founders started together with a rock climbing gym, evidenced in how they stack barrels (if you are visiting the distillery, ask to see their barrels and ask how they assemble them so high!). I'll say it again...if you are in the area, taste their products, and buy Leatherback Special Reserve (Cask Strength).


Leatherback Canadian Rum

Leatherback Special Reserve Canadian Rum

North of 7 Whisky (Four Grain)

North of 7 Whisky (Three Grain Trad)

North of 7 Whisky (Three Grain Wheated)

North of 7 Rye Whisky

Summer Breeze Pastis

Triple Beam Gin

Odd Society Distillery

Vancouver, BC. Founded 2014. Web: oddsocietyspirits.com

Another Vancouver distillery which is focused on a wide variety of spirits: vodka, gin, aged gin, vermouth, creme de cassis, and single malt.


Commodore Single Malt

Maple Squared Single Malt

Odd Society Single Malt

Odd Society Powell Street Bourbon Style

Prospector Rye

Salal Gin

O'Dwyer Distillery

Gaspe, Quebec. Founded 2016. Web: odwyerdistillery.com

A distillery committed to organic ingredients which has entered the scene with a very interesting gin, distilled with local mushrooms to give a rich earthy umami character to the gin. There's more coming down the line....


Radoune Gin

Okanagan Spirits Craft Distillery

Vernon, BC. Kelowna, BC. Founded 2004. Web: okanaganspirits.com

Okanagan Spirits is one of the micro distilleries in Canada - and it's quite large. It is bigger than Glenora, and has expanded now to include two different sites. Grains and fruits for the various spirits are sourced from British Columbia, and a variety of different products are produced including single malts dating back to 2007, though the distillery is focusing on whisky particularly at the moment. They make 4 different types of whisky - a rye, a bourbon style whisky, a single malt, and a distiller series of whiskies where the wort is created like a beer (hopped, etc.) before being distilled.

The Kelowna site has a 250 litre Mueller Copper Pot still, and the original Vernon site has a 650, 1000 and 2000 litre copper pot stills, including the tallest copper pot still in North America.


McLoughlin & Steele Canadian Whisky (Produced for United Distributors)

Okanagan Spirits Rye

Pemberton Distillery

Founded: 2008. Pemberton, British Columbia. Web: pembertondistillery.ca

Pemberton makes a variety of spirits, all organic and certified to be so in Canada, the US, and Europe. They specialize in distilling from the pemberton potato, distilling vodka, gin, absinthe, schnaps, and liquers from it. Beyond being simply organic, the distillery is energy efficient even using geothermal energy for a proportion of heat for their still!


Pemberton Apple Brandy

Pemberton Valley Single Malt

Schramm Organic Potato Gin

Schramm Organic Vodka

Phillips Fermentorium Distilling Co.

Founded: 2014. Victoria, British Columbia. Web: fermentorium.ca

This distillery started with Phillips Beer - a craft brewery which quickly identified the need for more malted BC barley. They now malt their own barley for their beer at their maltworks facility - but not only for beer, also for gin and, eventually, whisky. The distillery is also norable for acquiring a British still from the 1920s which was originally used as part a cidery in the Okanagan. Phillips beer snatched up the still, commissioned lots of repair work, and fired up “Old George” in 2014 when it started making spirits again.


Discovery Street Dry Citrus Gin

Old George Barrel-Aged Gin

Stump Coastal Forest Gin

Rig Hand Distillery

Founded: 2014. Nisku, Alberta. Web: righanddistillery.com

Though Alberta is a whisky lovers haven with great prices and relatively low alcohol taxation, not many micro-distilleries are present there - mainly just the giants Alberta, Black Velvet, and Highwood. However, Rig Hand came into production in 2014 with an assortment of products including a sugar beet rum made from local sugar beet molasses. They also released Alberta's first whisky from a modern micro distiller by collaborating with Saskatchewan's Last Mountain distillery to combine some of their spirits. They have three types of whiskies on the go: 100% rye whisky, a bourbon-style corn whisky, and a single malt.


Bar M Whisky

Brum (Beet Rum)

Brum Single Cask (Beet Rum)

Diamond S Single Malt Whisky

Rocking R 100% Rye Whisky

Distillerie Shefford

Founded 2017. Shefford, Quebec. Web: distillerieshefford.ca

Distillerie Shefford makes different products, but takes a very local approach. The distillery grows its own ingredients - cereal grains, and, more importantly, maple trees. Quebec is the powerhouse of maple syrup , accounting for the majority of worldwide production. The distilery uses maple syrup as the base for its first two spirits - a maple vodka and “Acerum”, a flavourful maple spirit with both unaged and aged versions. The distillery has been one of the main distilleries to put this spirit out to Canada.


Acerum Brun

Shelter Point Distillery

Founded 2010. Vancouver Island, British Columbia. Web: shelterpoint.ca

Shelter Point was founded by a third generation farmer, Patrick Evans, buying a 330 acre farm on which much of the barley used in their whisky production is grown on site. The distillery, rather than releasing right away, waited 5 years before releasing their first whisky: a single malt. The distillery itself is very beautiful, and consequently has been sought after as a wedding venue since the distillery opened.


Shelter Point Avant-Garde Barley (The Strath Exclusive)

Shelter Point Cask Strength (for Wee Rock Whisky Club)

Shelter Point “Classic” (The Strath Exclusive)

Shelter Point Distiller's Select Cask Strength

Shelter Point French Oak Double Barreled

Shelter Point Gin

Shelter Point Montfort DL141

Shelter Point Montfort DL151

Shelter Point Ripple Rock

Shelter Point Single Cask Foch Reserve Wine Cask Finish

Shelter Point Single Cask Peat Finish

Shelter Point Single Cask Rye

Shelter Point Single Cask Triple Grain

Shelter Point Single Cask Virgin Oak Finish

Shelter Point Single Malt

Shelter Point Smoke & Oak

Shelter Point “Smoke Point”

Shelter Point The Collective

Shelter Point “The Forbidden” Single Malt Wheat Whisky

sons of vancouver Distillery

Vancouver, BC. Founded 2015. Web: sonsofvancouver.ca

The Sons of Vancouver distillery was founded by two friends who started into spirits via bartending and had some experience working for distilleries in Seattle before venturing into business together. While they waited for the whisky to mature, they didn’t look to gin or vodka to generate cash flow, but went a different direction- whole ingredient Amaretto. They also make other specialty liquers like blue curacao, chili vodka, vodka. Whisky has started to come of age, too.


No. 82 Amaretto

No. 82 Barrel-Aged Amaretto

Blue Curacao

“Cigarettes on a Leather Jacket” Whisky

Distillerie du St. Laurent

Rimouski, QC. Founded 2015. Web: distilleriedustlaurent.com

One of the first craft distilleries in Quebec, Distillerie du St. Laurent set out to make spirits inspired by the sea, initially making a splash with a seaweed-infused gin. Now, they have a wide range of spirits produced using local ingredients and are proudly committed to remaining independent. They use a gin still and a whisky still to make gins, whiskies, and acerum (distillate made from maple sap).


St. Laurent 3 Grain Whisky

St. Laurent Acerum

St. Laurent Gin

St. Laurent Gin Citrus

St. Laurent Gin Vieux

Steinhart Distillery

Arisaig, NS. Founded 2014. Web: steinhartdistillery.com

Steinhart distillery was founded out of a passion which actually was passed down through generations. Head distiller Thomas Steinhart grew up learning distillation of gin and eau-de-vie from his father and grandfather who made spirits in the Black Forest region of Germany. Steinhart founded his distillery with an eye towards gin, and crafted an excellent one - it captured my attention as a judge at the World Gin Awards - though a blind tasting, I found out later what it was. He uses fresh high-quality ingredients, including fresh organic citrus peel! I know of no other gin distillery doing this in Canada. Though gin is a core passion, there are other experiments going on, such as beer brandy.


Steinhart Blueberry Gin

Steinhart Dry Gin

Steinhart Haskap Gin

Steinhart Rhubarb Gin

Stillhead Distillery

Duncan, BC. Founded: 2017. Web: stillhead.ca

Stillhead distillery has a passion for making whisky, and in some innovative ways - including maturation in square barrels. But, in the meantime, their sales focus is on gins and vodkas. They make a popular blackberry-infused vodka, as well as a London Dry Gin and a blackberry-infused gin.


Stillhead London Dry Gin

Still Fired Distilleries

Annapolis Royal, NS. Founded: 2015. Web: stillfireddistilleries.com

Ritchie and Andrew Cameron came from a trade background in commercial diving. This fast-paced, high intensity career helped inspire them to take the leap from hobby distilling into the craft distilling industry. Kirby and Morgan, the two stills used by the distillery, were designed and built in Nova Scotia – the first legal stills built in Nova Scotia. They make white, flavoured, and aged spirits from grain, molasses, and sugar.


Diver’s Envy Spiced Molasses Moonshine

Fundy Gin

Rapture of the Deep Dark Molasses Moonshine

Three Sheets to the Wind White Molasses Moonshine

Sheringham Distillery

Sooke, British Columbia. Founded 2015. Web: sheringhamdistillery.com

Sheringham, a distillery on Vancouver Island, is another distillery with a chef at the helm of the distillation – Jason MacIsaac who runs the distillery with his wife Alayne. The distillery sources all its agricultural products from British Columbia and produces an impressive array of spirits, including some very well known gins and their impressive caraway-flavoured akvavit. Whisky is on the way, too.


Lumette! Non Alcoholic Alt-Gin

Red Fife Whisky

Sheringham Akvavit

Sheringham Kazuki Gin

Sheringham Seaside Gin

Woodhaven Whisky

Sperling Silver Distillery

Regina, SK. Founded 2012. Web: sperlingsilver.com

A distillery opened in regina by Adam Sperling, related to Paul Sterling who owned a hotel and slaughterhouse which used to be part of an operation to smuggle whisky to Chicago by train in the 1920s. Now, they are producing spirits with a focus on organic and environmentally friendly production.


100 Bushels Single Malt Rye Whisky

Golden Stagg Blended Rye Spirit

Still Waters Distillery

Concord, ON. Founded 2009. Web: stilllwatersdistillery.com

Still Waters was founded by Barry Stein and Barry Bernstein, and produced the first Ontario single malt seen in years. They are producing single malt, a 100% rye whisky, and a corn whisky all from their pot still under their Stalk & Barrel brand. They bottle all their products single cask, with detailed cask information on their website, and they release their whiskies at both 46% and at cask strength, in addition to their blended whisky which is created from a mix of their own whisky and sourced whisky.

Their rye whisky is particularly noteworthy and has won a number of awards, and it is the best new make (the whisky distillate before it is aged) I have ever tasted. If you visit the distillery you can buy the new make as well as small casks to age your own spirits! Their informative website is here.


Stalk & Barrel #Canada150 Blend

Stalk & Barrel Blue Blend

Stalk & Barrel Red Blend

Stalk & Barrel Rye

Stalk & Barrel Rye (Cask Strength)

Stalk & Barrel 1+11 Special Blend

Stalk & Barrel Single Malt

Stalk & Barrel Single Malt (Cask Strength)

Still Waters Small Cask Brandy

Two Brewers Distillery

Whitehorse, YT. Founded 2009.

This Yukon distillery - it must be one of the most northerly distilleries in the world, came out of a brewery founded by Bob Baxter and Alan Hansen in 1997. In 2009, the brewery invested in a pot still, resulting in a new craft distillery. Unlike most micro distilleries which, eager for cash flow, start to release their whisky until it is 3 years old - Two Brewers waited 7 years until 2016 to release 4 different single malt releases. Because of the many years of brewing before distilling, Two Brewers comes to distilling with more expertise in fermenation, the key flavor generation process in whisky production, than many micro distillers. They release 4 different product lines of single malt - classic, peated, special finishes, and innovative.

They use a large proportion of new oak, alongside bourbon barrels, and a number of different malts and fermentation techniques. They are worth a try!


Two Brewers Classic Single Malt

Two Brewers Innovative Single Malt

Two Brewers Keno Single Malt

Two Brewers Peated Single Malt

Two Brewers Special Finishes Single Malt

Yukon Brewing Artisinal Gin

Victoria Distillery

Sidney, BC. Founded: 2008. Web: victoriadistillers.com

The distillery was actually founded before 2016, but in 2016 the distillery moved from Victoria to Sidney, and changed its name. The brand is focused on cocktails, producing three types of gin (including one which changes colour depending on the acidity of the cocktail it is used in!), a hemp vodka, sugarcane and molasses based spiced liquers, a chocolate liquer, and a whisky produced in small batches.


Victoria Gin

Empress 1908 Gin

Victoria Caledonian

Saanich, BC. Founded 2016.

This distillery was the brainchild of Graeme Macaloney, who did bio-process engineering working with fermentation for 12 years before getting his PhD in brewing and distilling. With the help of Diageo master distiller Mike Nicholson, consultation from Jim Swan, a government grant and private investors he set up a distillery with a focus on a fast-maturing malt and opportunity for others to do contract distillation through them. While their own whisky matures, a few "guest whiskies" have been sourced from Scotland at a number of distilleries Mike worked at.

Mac Na Braiche Single Malt

Macaloney's Twa Casks Benrinnes & Glenlossie Blended Malt

Macaloney's Twa Casks Blair Athol & Macduff Blended Malt

Macaloney's Twa Casks Caol Ila & Bunnahabhain Blended Malt


Founded 2016. Ayr, ON. Web: drinkwillibald.com

Willibald distillery was founded by three brothers in Ayr, Ontario - near Kitchener- where the focus is on three recipes of whisky which are currently in production. A full 75% of production being dedicated to whisky. However, they’ve released a few gins and a few innovative products like their Winter Liquor which has a whisky base and is aged for nearly two years with apples and winter spices, and is unsweetened. The distillery is in the process of converting their 60 acre farm to organic with the ultimate hope of creating their own estate-grown barley.


Willibald Gin

Willibald Pink Gin

Willibald Vodka

Wolfhead Distillery

Founded: 2016

If you ever drive through the wonderful town of Amherstburg, near Windsor, you might happen to be driving along a road and see a massive stack of barrels offset from highway 9. It certainly gave me a pleasant shock. This is wolfhead - they have an impressive restaurant and of course they make a number of spirits: whisky, gin, vodka, and flavoured spirits (of which their coffee liqueur is of note!).


River’s End Gin

Wolfhead Craft Whisky

Wolfhead Craft Whisky Liquers

Wolfhead Vodka

Micro Producers

There are a few producers now in Canada who are not yet whisky distilleries, but still blend whiskies.

Twelve Barrels

Napanee, ON. Founded 2016. Web: twelvebarrels.com

Twelve Barrels was founded in 2016 by Cole Miller, releasing their flagship product in 2017 - a blended Canadian whisky.


Twelve Barrels

Wayne Gretzky Estates

Niagara-on-the-Lake, ON. Founded 2008 (Distillery to come 2017). Web: gretzkyestateswines.com

Though Gretzky started with a wine brand, they have now started to blend their own whisky with an eye on their new micro distilllery which is opening in 2017. Their Red Cask whisky is finished in Gretzky wine casks, having been sourced elsewhere.


Wayne Gretzky Red Cask No. 99

Wayne Gretzky Ice Cask

Wayne Gretzky Ninety Nine Proof

Wayward Distillation House

Courtenay, BC. Founded: 2014. web: waywarddistillery.com

After tax, seeking out local ingredients, and purchasing equipment required to make spirits - any craft distiller is in for a good dose of expenses. What if you decided to ratchet things up and use a natural source of sugar, albeit an even more expensive one - honey?

Wayward makes all of its spirits from 100% BC honey. Now, this is something different. The distillery makes gin, honey spirit, liqueur, a rum made from honey, infused vodka, and vodka. The distillery not only makes spirits, but it also houses two honey bee hives onsite to educate visitors about the value and need for healthy honeybee populations.


Drunken Hive Rum

Krupnik Spiced Honey Liquer

Unruly Gin