Canadian Mist Distillery





Collingwood, Ontario.


Column stills.

Production Capacity

12.5 million litres per year

For reference, consider the relative production of Canadian Mist:

  • 31% of Jim Beam's annual capacity
  • 156% of Maker's Mark annual capacity
  • 104% of Glenfiddich annual capacity
  • 143% of Macallan's annual capacity

Favorite bottle Reviewed (88/100):


Canadian Mist is largely tailored really to one market - the US. Initially, the distillery was built by Barton Brands who had been operating a distillery to create a Canadian whisky for the American market, and, shortly, demand was greater than the supply and a distillery was built in Collingwood to meet the demand. The distillery is now owned by Brown-Forman, the Kentucky-based company who also own Jack Daniel's and Woodford Reserve.

Canadian Mist works with three grains - unmalted rye, malted barley, and corn, and utilizes heated warehouses because of the cold winter temperatures in Collingwood. At the top of their line are the Collingwood whiskies which are matured in a very unique process: after the whisky is aged in oak, it is blended together into stainless steel vats before toasted maple staves are put into the vats to finish off the whisky.

For more information on the history and operation of Canadian Mist, I highly recommend Davin De Kergommeaux's book Canadian Whisky.