Review: Jefferson's Straight Rye Whiskey Aged 10 Years by Jason Hambrey

Most times when you hear 100% rye from a non-craft distiller, you’re looking at Alberta Premium rye – and in this case, Jefferson’s is also sourced from there. So, despite how American the bottle looks, the liquid is in fact Canadian. The whisky was introduced a few years ago, and is another independent bottling of Alberta rye, like Whistlepig and Masterson's– also all 10 year old Alberta bottlings. Between rye maturing relatively quickly and the rye craze, older ryes are in short supply in many places – Canada has some of the best stocks of this which has lead to more and more bottlings of Canadian rye even from other producers. However, a lot of that good Canadian rye is harder to access and often locked into blending cheaper whiskies. This whisky is aged 10 years, made of 100% unmalted rye and, in line with straight rye, matured in new charred oak.

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