Review: Wolfhead Craft Whisky Liqueur / by Jason Hambrey

Image courtesy of Wolfhead Distillery.

Image courtesy of Wolfhead Distillery.

Distiller Wolfhead (Amherstburg, Ontario)

I usually don’t even review the whisky liqueurs that I get sent – and even then, usually I have a sip and throw out the rest of the sample bottle. Not here! I drained the 50 ml sample bottle in one go! If that says anything…

This is Wolfhead’s best selling product. It is made by steeping fair trade, locally roasted costa rican coffee beans in whisky for 24-48 hours. Wolfhead’s philosophy in making this product can be summed up by their own statement: “Coffee and whisky naturally pair well together. Most coffee liqueurs are rum or sugarcane based, making them overly sweet. Wolfhead coffee liqueur balances well between bitter and sweet. “ Wolfhead tells me that both non-coffee drinkers as well as whisky drinkers appreciate this product.

Review (2021)

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  • Bottling Date: ~2021

Even though I don’t typically like to write reviews of whisky liquers, I wanted to write this review since a lot of folks like coffee liquers and are stuck onto kahlua. Here is a much better alternative! It is slightly sweet, with a rich coffee flavour that is a lot fresher than kahlua, balanced as well with vanilla, nuts. It reminds me quite a bit of the dark chocolate covered espresso beans – but without the chocolate!

Great for your coffee cocktails, desserts (over ice cream) or just over ice.