Review: Fundy Gin / by Jason Hambrey

Image courtesy of Still Fired Distilleries.

Image courtesy of Still Fired Distilleries.

Corn base spirit with botanicals
Distiller Still Fired (Annapolis Royal, NS)

This gin is made from a base spirit distilled from corn , filtered and proofed down to 40% before being macerated with juniper, coriander, cardamom, rosemary, angelica root, orris root, hand picked dulse (a seaweed) and another secret ingredient. Then, it is distilled and named after the bay of Fundy - which is right beside Annapolis Royal, where this is made.

Review (2021)

  • Batch: N/A

  • Bottling Date: ~2020

  • Bottling Code: N/A

Very woody and very spicy, featuring rich juniper, coriander and brown cardamom notes. The spices really pop on this one, and the pop is beautiful on top of the citrusy juniper. The palate is loaded with sharp, woody spices and has a long finish full of cardamom and coriander.

The cardamom is just awesome and it makes it mix really well, both in standard gin drinks but also sours/lemonades. Slightly herbal on the end.

This gin is right up my alley.

Highly Recommended.