Review: Cool Cucumber Gin (Burwood Distillery) / by Jason Hambrey

Image Courtesy of Burwood Distillery.

Image Courtesy of Burwood Distillery.

Alberta malt and botanicals
Distiller Burwood Distillery (Calgary, Alberta)

In creating their original gin, Burwood started with their flavour profile and worked backwards. The distillery staff brought in their favourite gins to taste together and explore the desired profile for their gin. Then, they went a step further – they conducted a blind tasting of over 100 gins as a basis for inspiration of a desired flavour profile. Then, they distilled it. If you ever have the change to ask Jordan Ramey to describe how he uses botanicals to create Burwood’s standard gin, you’ll walk out of the distillery with a purchased bottle.

But who doesn’t like a little variation? This “garden party” gin is a seasonal small-batch gin made with cucumbers and dill.

Review (2021)

  • Batch: 002

  • Bottling Code: N/A

  • Bottling Date: ~2021

Well – this smells just like a dill pickle! The nose is rich and herbal, with loads of cucumber, cucumber skin, and a fresh leafy character like spinach. But, with that, lots of heavier characters too – woody juniper and even some earthiness. The palate brings forth even more cucumber (is that possible?) with dill and herbs alongside, tingly spices, woody notes, and mixed dried spices. There is a touch of nice spirit character too. The finish is clean, and herbal – but with a very nice citrus lift.

Perfect for sping.

I tend to prefer these cucumber gins as mixers. This one especially – the freshness of the cucumber and herbal notes contribute delightfully to bright and fresh cocktails.