Review: Appleton Estate Signature Jamaican Rum / by Jason Hambrey

Appleton Estate Reserve 2.jpg
From Molasses
Distiller Appleton Estate (Nassau Valley, Jamaica)

This is the lowest end of Appleton Estate’s line of rums, which I quite like. This one is great in cocktails, which is my general use for it, but why not give it a review?

Review (2021)

  • Batch: N/A

  • Bottling Code: N/A

  • Bottling Date: ~2020

 The nose here is woody, full of molasses, fresh tropical fruit, over ripe banana, sharp baking spices, grapefruit zest, hard strawberry candies, and more brown sugar. Oozing with complexity, and it has a subtle layer of funky intrigue which I like. The youth comes out, slightly, but it’s quite minor.

The palate continues – lightly sweet, full of brown sugar, molasses, coconut, baking spice, oak, and tropical fruit, more on the dried side this time. The finish is lightly sweet, with vanilla, molasses, baking spice, and light oaky tannins.

This is very easy, and it makes complete sense why so many bartenders use it in premium cocktails. It has lots of complexity while also not being too intense in any one of them.

I definitely prefer the 12, but I would have no problem taking one of these either. With the way whisky prices are going, it’s nice to have some spirit options on the table that deliver powerfully for the cost. This is one of those (as is the 12 year old).