Review: Villa One Anejo Tequila / by Jason Hambrey

Villa One Anejo Bottle Shot.png
12-16 Months in Ex-Bourbon Casks
100% Blue Agave
Distiller Villa One (Jalisco, Mexico)

This is the oldest version of the Villa One brand from Nick Jonas and John Varvatos, being aged in ex-bourbon casks for 12-16 months. The brand’s master distiller, Arturo Fuentes, is nicknamed “the godfather of Tequila” and has been at the forefront of the development of connoisseur and premium brands of Tequila for decades. Aged tequila is a specialty of his, and his experience with aged spirits began before his time making Tequila - he used to be a cognac distiller.

This is available throughout the USA as well as Ontario, BC, New Brunswick, Manitoba, Nova Scotia (all close to $100) and Alberta ($67).

Review (2021)

  • Batch: N/A

  • Bottling Code: N/A

  • Bottling Date: ~2021

I always find anejo tequilas so interesting since they take to oak in a way that is so different than rum, whisky, or gin. The aging process seems to intensify some of the core notes without changing them too much, and the oak feels quite additive and subtractive rather than primarily transformative. And that is the case here – the nose has vanilla, maple, caramel, mixed floral aromas, herbal notes (dill, celery seed), and a good kick of agave spice. The palate has woody spices, vanilla, and caramel all carried by a spicy, peppery backbone. It’s a justaposition of creamy confectionary notes and rich, vegetal spice. There is this really awesome plantain-like character at the core, too. The finish is loaded with pepper, brown sugar, vanilla, baking spice, and wildflower honey.

The integration of the oak is great - it’s quite balanced, which isn’t always the case with anejo tequilas which can just be dominated by barrel character. Delicious.

I’m not that big into spirit pairings, generally, but this has me craving big food - carne asada with a rich charred salsa or even steak. I think it would do quite nicely.

And, if you are into mixing – this is great in a La Rosita cocktail.

Assessment: Highly Recommended.