Review: Sons of Vancouver No. 82 Amaretto / by Jason Hambrey

Sons of Vancouver Amaretto 2.jpg
Wheat spirit, brandy, vanilla, apricot kernels, honey and demerera sugar
Distiller Sons of Vancouver (Vancouver, BC)

Every micro-distillery has a challenge managing cash flow while waiting for the aged spirits (like whisky) to come of age. While many distilleries put a concerted effort on gin or other white spirits, Sons of Vancouver went a different route. Why try to be THE gin or vodka distillery when there are so many different options of products to make? In their words: “we aren’t just another ‘gin distillery’ and we hope people will remember us for that.”

This amaretto is a bit different from the typical commercial ones that you see. The distillery make their own extracts from apricot kernels and vanilla beans. The distillery uses a lower ABV when making the extracts so that the flavours are more stone fruit-forward rather than marzipan-forward. The extracts are then blended with demerera sugar and blackberry honey and added to whole apricots to infuse for two weeks. Finally, a light touch of orange oil is added to finish things off.

Review (2021)

  • Batch: N/A

  • Bottling Date: 2021

  • Bottling Code: N/A

This stuff is a world apart from your typical intense almond/cherry notes you often find in amaretto. Stone fruit, vanilla, and light floral notes are all here. It’s full of rich stone fruit notes – in the fresh sense but also with a jammy character. The palate has a rich sweetness to it (while being less sweet than your typical amaretto) and a fresh vanilla character with lots of fruity depth and light touches of spice. Toward the end of the finish, there is a nice flourish of almond and cherry.

Excellent stuff. One of the best Canadian-made liquers I’ve had. Amaretto sours are also great with this.

Highly Recommended.