Review: Hochstadter's Slow & Low Rock and Rye Bottled Cocktail / by Jason Hambrey

Photo courtesy of Hochstadter’s.

Photo courtesy of Hochstadter’s.

Straight Rye Whiskey with honey, orange, and rock candy
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This bottled cocktail is made by Hochstadter’s, who make an impressive line of rye whiskies alongside the sister brand Lock, Stock, & Barrel. This is a pre-made cocktail with 19th century roots, where it began as a medicinal cocktail and sold widely in pharmacies, with a tax edge until it was reclassified as a distilled spirit.

This is made with straight rye whiskey, naval oranges from Florida, honey from Pennsylvania, angustora-style bitters, and rock candy.

The smaller bottles of this come in neat little cans.

Review (2019)

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  • Bottling Date: ~2019

This is quite the nose – very fruity. It’s very grassy on the nose, with lots of chocolate aromas, caramel, candy, orange, baking spices, and sweet richness. The cocktail on the palate is very rich, sweet, candied, and spicy. It’s quite moreish.

This is a bit different (in its flavor uniqueness) from some of the “generic” bottled cocktails on the market. It is a punchier cocktail (42% ABV), so generally it’s focused on stronger-strength cocktail drinkers. If you like easy-to-make cocktails, especially in the old-fashioned realm – give this a go.