Review: Broker's London Dry Gin / by Jason Hambrey

Broker's London Dry.jpg
Producer Broker's (Birmingham, England)

Broker's a gin which is made from wheat, distilled 5 times in a pot still, in contrast to most large gin brands which are column distilled. It is made with 10 botanicals sourced worldwide: Macedonian juniper berries, Bulgarian coriander seed, Italian orris root,  Indian nutmeg, Indonesian cassia bark, cinnamon from Seychelles, Italian licorice root, Spanish orange and lemon peel, and Polish angelica root. Though the distillery itself is quite old, the brand itself began in the 1990s.

Review (2018)

  • Batch: N/A
  • Bottling Code: N/A
  • Bottling Date: ~2018

Spicy, but still juniper-centric. Cinnamon, dried orange peel, toffee (but not sweet) – quite a vivid and floral nose compared to many commercial gins. The palate continues with many of the spicy notes: cinnamon and nutmeg playing off coriander, juniper and citrus peel. The finish is citrusy and spicy, not that long but not too short either.

I love this gin. It has an incredible rich spicy characteristic to it, full of incense notes, cinnamon, and nutmeg. I’ve done blind tastings and adored it – it sits at the top of my „highly recommended” category for gins. If it were higher proof I think it would do even better (there is a 47% version available, though I haven't tried it). A staple in my cabinet – I love it neat and in cocktails.

Assessment: Highy Recommended.