Rating Calibration / by Jason Hambrey

Since I know a number of readers closely follow the ratings given on the site, I felt it worth noting that I've taken a look at all my ratings and tasting notes over the past few months and have calibrated them all together to make sure they align, since there were a few discrepancies. Thus, I've changed a number of ratings, and I also took a look at the value score and re-calibrated the "average" price vs. value line to take into account 500 rather than 300 whiskies.

I've also decided to be more discerning at the top, which means I've rated now up to 97/100 rather than 94/100 (I have less hope now of a higher ceiling, or that I will find it, than I used to). Deceptively, it's a 50 point scale rather than 100 since I haven't ever rated below 50. Odd how that is done, but it's the standard (tells you something about who drives ratings!).

I've only changed on this site whiskies whose scores or values are above 85, and a handful of others. Ratings, still, are obviously my own and fully independent, but as much as ratings appear objective - they are more realistically subjective, since they arise from my rating scheme, preferences, and taste buds, which can vary significantly from person to person.