Canadian Whisky Statistics / by Jason Hambrey

Canadian whisky is in a boom. Anyone ever wonder where our whisky goes? As one might expect, USA is number one by far, but – any guesses as to number 2? You guess it (not...)! Australia. Sure enough, it’s a surprising list.

Courtesy of Spirits Canada, I received the top 10 destinations for Candian whisky along with the export value (2016):

  1. USA ($339M)
  2. Australia ($17M)
  3. France ($11M)
  4. Germany ($8M)
  5. Japan ($8M)
  6. Russia ($3M)
  7. South Africa ($3M)
  8. Mexico ($3M)
  9. Korea ($2M)
  10. New Zealand ($2M)
  11. Other ($13M)

How about on a provincial basis? The following demonstrates the last 5 years of exports from various provinces (via Trade Data Online, accessed August 2017) where whisky was bottled (not necessarily intuitive, i.e. Crown Royal is bottled in Ontario, not Manitoba where it distilled and aged):

Can whisky Export Stats.png

Unsurprisingly, Ontario, Quebec, and Alberta dominate in the whisky export scene.

What about total production? About 9% of Canadian whisky is consumed in Canada, and only about 13% of Canadian Spirits are consumed in Canada (note that 25-30% of exported Canadian spirits are GNS).

Can whisky production.png

Note that these stats are based on liters of absolute alcohol, and are converted to 9 litre cases by assuming that both whisky and spirits are bottled at 40% ABV. I'd be interested to see if there is a spike in 2017, but it's mostly cheap whisky and spirits which drive the market so a boom in the connoisseur market might not be necessarily represented...

Thanks to Spirits Canada for the stats.