2018 Canadian Whisky Awards - Runners Up / by Jason Hambrey

The Canadian Whisky Awards is quite an event - a nonprofit whisky competition with a revolving door of 10 judges from across Canada who each take a full month to plot their way through nearly 100 different Canadian whisky samples (all blind, the samples are numbered), tasting them each at least twice. It takes me about an hour a day for a month, if I have my way with time (which isn't always the case). This year, the winner was the wonderful Wiser's 35 Year Old. Remarkable, since older competitions usually don't get their due since all tasting is typically done in a flight, which tends to highlight big complex whiskies over subtle complex whiskies. However, Wiser's 35 year old is still bottled at 50%, so it's no slouch either...

As usual, I wanted to present the top whiskies of the 2017 Canadian whiskies awards, as defined by the average of all the 11 judges individual blind scores. To illustrate how close of a race this was, look at how minutely different the top 5 were in terms of score (all within 0.4%!!). Masterson's lost its chance at a repeat by less than 0.05%! All of these fared very well in the competition:

1.  J.P. Wiser's 35 Year Old

2. Masterson's 10 Year Old (behind 0.045%)

2. Wiser’s Dissertation (behind 0.045%)

4. Wiser's Union 52 (behind 0.3%)

5. Crown Royal Hand Selected Barrel (behind 0.4%)

6. Canadian Club 40 Year Old (behind 0.5%)

6. Lot no. 40 Cask Strength (behind 0.5%)

8. Wiser's Last Barrels (behind 1%)

9. Gooderham & Worts 4 Grain (behind 1.4%)

10. Caribou Crossing Single Barrel (behind 1.8%)

So, the Hiram Walker distillery accounted for (at least) 7 of the top 10, and Corby's snagged 6 of the top 10.

As a (interesting) comparison, here were my top 5 ranked whiskies in the awards:

1. Wiser's Union 52

2. Masterson's 10 Year Old Rye

3. Lot no. 40 Cask Strength

4.  Canadian Club 40 Year Old

5. Lot no. 40