Review: Glenfarclas 25 Year Old Single Malt Scotch Whisky / by Jason Hambrey

Glenfarclas 25 2.jpg
25 years; Oloroso Sherry Casks
100% Malted Barley
Distiller Glenfarclas (Ballindaloch, Scotland)

Another Glenfarclas matured exclusively in Oloroso sherry casks, and for 25 years - so it has lots of time to pick up all the spicy richness stored in European oak.

Review (2017)

  • Batch: N/A

  • Bottling Code: L 28 04 14 3 10:4 88

  • Bottling Date: ~2015

The nose is very interesting – darkly spicy, with lots of clove, star anise, coriander seed, brown cardamom, and bitter oak – and yet this is contrasted with a light-spirited white grape sitting over the whole thing. Hazelnuts and almonds also here – it is entirely different than the 17 year old I recently reviewed. There is even a bit of earthy, smoky, peat like character very slightly in the background – and some fresh broccoli. On the palate, it is lightly fruity, primarily, with grape and gooseberry – but loaded with the same dark spice and some chillies in a very long, developing palate. There is a rumbling, earthy and fruity finish with lots of buckwheat, grape, clove, and nutmeg. I really like it. Frankly, a bit surprised given the previous expressions of Glenfarclas that I’ve tasted – it’s not as overloaded on the sherry, but is quite a bit more balanced and intriguing.

Highly Recommended (48% of all whiskies I’ve reviewed to date get this recommendation or higher).

Value: Low, at $200 - even for a good bottle of old scotch (and the cheaper side of 25 year olds) this doesn’t quite cut it for me. But I don’t like to buy most bottles that cost more than $100.