Review: Hampden Gold Jamaican Pot-Still Rum / by Jason Hambrey

From molasses
Distiller Hampden Estate (Wakefield, Jamaica)

An aged rum bottling from Hampden, which is one of the most interesting distilleries in the world, in my opinion - they produce really complex, briny, and almost-smoky tasting rums. This isn’t sweet like many rums (many rums have added sugar).

Review (2019)

  • Batch: N/A

  • Bottling Code: L194

  • Bottling Date: ~2019

Smoky, sharp, fruity, briny and spicy – clove and white pepper. Lightly smoky, and almost a bit sulphury. Molasses, green apple, lemon, orange peel, green olives – quite marine in character – and the spiciness seems to grow. Slightly oily and dusty, and an incredibly rich middle. A touch rough, but very complex and interesting. Very unique, I’m glad I have it. The palate is still briny, but with some growing caramel and a sharp molasses note. Olives are all over, and thick molasses grows towards the end. There is a big of smoky vegetal earthiness too, like some mezcals. The finish has baking spice, wood tannin, vanilla, light tannin, and chili. Oiliness seems to grow with time, along with molasses. Big for 40%, and still quite dynamic.

Very good and interesting, but not nearly as dynamic and powerful as the excellent Rum Fire Overproof white rum from Hampdens, in my opinion.

Assessment: Highly Recommended

Excellent value, especially if you get it in Jamaica for ~$14!