Review: J.P. Wiser's Canada 2018 Commemorative Canadian Whisky / by Jason Hambrey

JP Wiser's Canada 2018 2.jpg
Corn and Rye Whiskies
Distiller Hiram Walker (Windsor, Ontario)

A limited release to celebrate the 200th anniversary of the 49th parallel, bottled for Canada Day 2018. As Wiser's often does, it is bottled at 43.4% to represent the strength of whiskies in the mid to late 1800s where the ABV was higher to prevent the un-chill filtered whiskies going cloudy (they go cloudy because fats can dissolve in alcohol. Thus, at lower strengths (or temperatures) these fats can precipitate out of the spirit and make it cloudy in appearance.)

Review (2018)

  • Batch: N/A

  • Bottling Code: L18064EW1332

  • Bottling Date: 2018

The nose reminds me of last year’s release, which I liked – it is similar in profile – a rich corn base with lots of citrus and candy notes. More candy than last year, to my memory. We have toffee, milk chocolate, caramel, orange, oak, and nice clean grain notes. The fruit is light and interesting – white grape and peaches. Some familiar clove, juniper branches, and slight oiliness. Nice creaminess.

The palate continues on with caramel and a nice corn backbone, with spices overtop and light oiliness. The finish has some light nut oil and more toffee, grapefruit peel, and toasted coconut. This is a great profile for a late spring or summer whisky! It’s light and easy, but not too sweet or earthy – it is still bright enough to „pair” with summer.

It’s a nice whisky, but it seems more youthful than a lot of Wiser’s special releases – it actually reminds me somewhat of Forty Creek Copper Pot in profile – both very different whiskies, but they share some of the candy notes and the spicy oiliness. Nice barrel char on the end.

Recommended (81% of whiskies I’ve reviewed to date get this recommendation or higher). A very nice summer whisky.

Value: Average.