If I could only have 5 Canadian Whiskies... / by Jason Hambrey

What would I chooose? Quite a decent what-if. For me, this will represent more or less my favorite Canadian whiskies with a decent spread of styles. If you haven't had them, these are all worth seeking out:

  1. Wiser's Legacy: I love blends which beautifully showcase rye. It's harder to see that more clearly than in this blend.
  2. Lock, Stock, and Barrel 16: Once this goes, I'll take Mastersons 10 Year Old Rye, but for now, this is better and so beautiful. A nice big rye.
  3. Crown Royal Hand Selected Barrel: A consistent favourite of mine, this whisky sits at the heart of many of the Crown Royal blends and is terrrific at its bottling strength of 51.5%.
  4. Gooderham & Worts: Such a beautiful representation of 4 grains each playing their part in a solid blend.
  5. Stalk & Barrel Cask Strength Rye: Perhaps for uniqueness. It is so different and so brilliant. The grassy spice and tea notes are glorious. Plus, cask strength is fun.

It was a hard cut for 5. It would have easily been Danfields 21, but, sadly, it is no more. I would have chosen Forty Creek Confederation Oak or Gibson's 18 if the batches were more consistent. Canadian Rockies 21 or Wiser's 18 were also quite tempting for some nice aged spirit but they don't quite have the uniqueness of the rye from Still Waters.

If I could only have 5, I'd be very happy with these...