Review: Diplomatico Reserva Venezuelan Rum / by Jason Hambrey

Diplomatico Reserva.jpg
Up to 8 Years; Bourbon and Single Malt Casks
From light and dark molasses
Distiller Diplomatico (La Miel, Venezuela)

This Venezuelan rum is produced near the Andes in a sugarcane-growing region, in another relatively warm area of the world with remarkably consistent temperatures year round. This rum is their entry level aged rum, alongside the older Exclusiva and their white rum. The rum is produced from a mix of light and dark molasses with a yeast strain which is cultivated on site. This rum is made from a blend of column, batch kettle, and pot still rums.

Review (2015)

  • Batch: N/A

  • Bottling Code: N/A

  • Bottling Date: ~2014

On the nose - quite bready, but also with vanilla and orange peel, and some passionfruit-like notes as well. oaky, too. It tastes remarkably sherried - did they age this in Scotch ex-sherry casks? I wonder. With a good bit of air, it develops some nice, lighter berry notes which really shine in the exclusiva version.

The taste is a bit peppery, a bit tannic, with some molasses notes mid-palate but then more vanilla and smooth caramel towards the end with lots of spices. There is also some rancio in the mix. A ton of spiciness in the mix – classic oak spices do some good work here. Finishes quite nicely with a lot of spice and dried fruit, spice, vanilla, some dried berry notes, and saccharin.

Value: Low. I find this rum a bit dense and woody, and although I quite like its older sibling, this isn’t my choice for a rum in this price range - most other rums in this price range are better picks for me.