Review: Casamigos Reposado Tequila / by Jason Hambrey

American Oak; 7 months
100% Blue Agave
Distiller Productos Finos De Agave (Jesus Maria, Mexico)

Exploring different spirits is something I always enjoy, and throwing in good Tequilas to tastings is always interesting (though lots of folk have had too much experience with bad tequila to appreciate it...). I bought this one before even hearing about it thanks to a medal from the New York International Spirits Competition - a rare spirits competition which doesn't give out awards like candy - only about 50% of entries are awarded a medal (most competitions give out medals for nearly all of the entries).

The brand was founded by Clooney and a business partner, and the tequila is made at the same distillery as the well known Clase Azul, Avion, and others. The reposado ("rested") designation means that the tequila was aged between 2 months and a year - this one, apparently, for 7 months.

Review (2016)

  • Batch: N/A

  • Bottling Code: N/A

  • Bottling Date: 2015

Sour, vegetal and spicy on the nose – pickled jalapenos, cilantro’s soapiness, dill, black pepper, vanilla, and freshly charred white oak – and some fresh, creamy tropical fruits emerge – like guanabanas. The palate has white pepper, agave, celery, and a bit more cilantro – a very nice vegetal and spicy balance with a bit of a buttery feel to it. Quite restrained, and balanced. Slightly sweet.

Finishes in a vegetal fashion with some dryness, and a bit of white pepper, with some tropical fruits emerging after the initial fade.  Slight saccharin. The tropical fruit notes bring in quite a lot of diversity and balance to the tequila, and make it quite interesting. I quite enjoy sipping this. Very complex.

Assessment: Recommended. One of the better tequilas in the Canadian market, and it’s quite decent stuff. I like it more than the “highly recommended” hornitos black barrel, but that got a higher recommendation because of uniqueness, not necessarily quality.

Value: Average.