Review: JP Wiser's Union 52 / by Jason Hambrey

Blend of 15 and 52 year old whiskies
96% 15 year old Canadian Whisky; 4% 52 Year Old Scotch Whisky
Producer Hiram Walker (Windsor, Ontario)

Wiser's released this gem last year in British Columbia - a blend of a barrel of 52 year old highland scotch whisky (probably a blend of whiskies in that barrel) from 1964, and 15 year old Canadian whisky matured in new oak barrels. The scotch was left over from a time when Canadian producers used to bottle their own single malt whiskies from Scotland.

Review (2017)

  • Batch: N/A
  • Bottling Code: N/A
  • Bottling Date: 2016

It’s quite sweet, with lots of fresh oak, green apple, and green wood on the nose. Freshly sawn lumber, bamboo, pine, rich vanilla – like a freshly sliced vanilla bean – and light wood char notes. It’s rich, and slightly candied too – and with light leather notes. The palate has terrific texture. It is sweet, with lots of fresh oak, and a pronounced mature malt character, and some barrel char. It actually has many elements that remind me of rich, spicy, perfumed Japanese single malt. The finish is spectacular – full bodied, spicy, sweet, and elegant with just terrific wood character. More pine, candle wax, lots of clove, wood char, and some rubber too. This is really nice stuff! Maybe a touch sweet at times, but I don’t mind the way this is balanced!

Score: 88/100

Value: 77/100 (based on $70)