Review: Dartigalongue 1975 Bas Armagnac / by Jason Hambrey

38 Years
Distilled from wine from Baco, Colombard, Folle Blanche, and Ugni blanc
Distiller Dartilagongue (Nogaro, France)

Dartigalongue was founded in 1838 when Pascal Dartigalongue moved to Nogaro and founded his Armagnac house. Armagnac became established in large part because of the Dutch merchants, who would export large quantities of Armagnac and typically dilute them before drinking them as a wine - because Armagnac didn't spoil and is more concentrated than wine, you get more for less. When Dartigalongue started, the market was still controlled in large part by export - and he sent casks off to Holland and England. The business is still in the family, now in the 5th generation, and they own surrounding vineyards from which they are able to make their component wines to be distilled.

Review (2016)

  • Batch: Bottled 2013, distilled 1975

  • Bottling Code: N/A

  • Bottling Date: 2013

Lots of oak! Interestingly, a good tinge of pomegranate here. Fresh berries, oak, oak, oak…rancio, raisins, currants – all woven together terrifically. Brilliant. A good leap from the 25 year old in terms of complexity. Still dry, too…potpourri, dried flowers, and even some starfruit. The palate is subtle, elegant, and exceedingly complex. The dried floral notes continue, alongside dried fruit and nuts, orange peel, with the rancio taking over and combining with rich dates and prunes and oak to take the finish. Lots of oak, but not too much rancio. On top, you have citrus and caramel, in the middle your spices, and underneath – tangy rancio. Terrific.

Dry, fruity, style- not overly caramel laden. Really comes together with age.

Assessment: Very Highly Recommended.

Value: Low, on an absolute scale. But $165 for a 40 year old product? That isn’t bad…