Review: Verity Rye Spirit (Copper Spirit Distillery) / by Jason Hambrey

Verity Rye 2.jpg
100% BC Rye
Distiller Copper Spirit (Bowen Island, BC)

This spirit is made from 100% organic BC rye (hence, “verity” given that many American ryes are made with rye amounts barely above 51%, or Canadian “ryes” which are made with 100% corn!). Copper spirit is also putting some of this down into barrels for whisky down the road (along with wheat).

The label here is beautiful once again, and, as usual with copper spirit’s labels - if you take a close look you’ll see the artwork representative of a core aspect of the spirit. In this case, you can see the rye grain.

Review (2021)

  • Batch:

  • Bottling Date: ~2020

  • Bottling Code: N/A

I generally don’t like new make whisky spirits, but I can’t keep away from them because of getting a glimpse at what grains can produce. Hence, I don’t usually rate/give them recommendation ratings. The complexity of some of them are marvelous, even if they often need a barrel to bring things into balance as a whisky. I suppose, in another way, it’s to say – do you like them? “well, I find them interesting”. And this is interesting – baking spices, vanilla, coconut water, grassy spice, marmalade, coconut flour, dried papaya, grassy spice, mint, dried orange peel, a touch of barnyard aromas, and a light oiliness. The oiliness really shows itself on the palate, and the grain character is clean and pure. On the side of new makes – this one is pretty clean. Very complex, yet also very delicate.

The distillery makes this into a number of cocktails, namely margaritas, moscow mules, and rye sours. I like this in sours made with lime or in caiparina variations. But, of course, if you go to the distillery - you’ll find much more.

I’d love to see this as a whisky, but also as a genever. One of the better rye new makes I’ve tasted.