Review: Sullivan's Cove XO Brandy Single Cask / by Jason Hambrey

>10 yrs
100% Tasmanian Grapes
Distiller Sullivan's Cove Distillery (Hobart, Tasmania)

Another Tasmanian spirit, made from Tasmanian wine and matured in a single cask. Sullivan’s Cove makes a number of good spirits, and after visiting and trying a number - this was the most striking to me. A rich brandy, deep in flavor - I do love good brandy, so it was nice to find. As with the other spirits from Tasmania, it isn’t cheap.

Review (2019)

  • Batch: Barrel TDB0012 (bott. 241 of 250)

  • Bottling Date: 2017

  • Bottling Code: N/A

This cask was filled on 6/8/2007 and bottled on 27/09/2017.

Brilliant rich, wine notes come off the nose of this one. An incredibly dense, rich nose – loads of aged brandy notes, spicy oak, wet earth, baking spices, vanilla yoghurt, maple, and dry twigs. Lots of dried fruit, too – currants, figs, and prunes. And lots of orange, too. The palate holds sharp spices, rich and sweet oak, apple seeds, light smoke, and a really nice rancio. The finish has rancio, lots of dried fruit, light smoke, apple, and even some dark chocolate. The finish is deep and long-lasting. There is a really nice big oakiness to this.

Brilliant brandy. I actually like this stuff more than their whisky, which is also quite decent.

Assessment: Very Higly Recommended.

Value: Very low. It sits at about $275 AUD (~$185 USD, $250 CAD) for a bottle.