Review: New Southern Revival 100% Jimmy Red Corn Straight Bourbon Whiskey / by Jason Hambrey

Charred Virgin Oak; Aged 2 Years
100% Jimmy Red Corn
Distiller High Wire (Charlestown, South Carolina)

If you talk to any chef in a critically acclaimed restaurant, they’ll always tell you that good food starts with quality ingredients. It’s odd, then, that

Anson Mills is a company which started as an endeavor to explore heirloom grains for the good of both land and flavour. Originally, it came out of a desire to resurrect old strains of rice used in southern cooking renowned for flavour. If you want to try some of the best oats of your life, order some from Anson Mills and cook according to their instructions. It’s a “wow” moment.

Anson Mills worked to resurrect one strain of corn, Jimmy Red, which was a red variety of corn which became popular among moonshiners. Originally, there was not even enough corn to make a batch, so High Wire partnered with Clemson University and Anson Mills to generate the seed stock and produce some corn. They describe it as the most flavourful corn they’ve ever distilled, with a rich 3 inch oil cap on top of the fermenter! The heirloom grains typically have deeper roots, which bring more trace minerals (and flavour) into the grain (as older vines would for wine). This whisky is similar to Balcones Baby Blue, similarly an heirloom corn with loads of flavour.

The bourbon was first released in November 2017.

Review (2019)

  • Batch: 5

  • Bottling Code: N/A

  • Bottling Date: 2018

The nose is rich and grain forward – very diverse – semi-dried tomatoes, rich spices, buttery polenta, thyme, caramel, vanilla, oaky spices, nut oils, apple sauce, and mixed grain porridge. Complex, interesting, and it doesn’t smell too youthful. It’s a whisky I would enjoy spending significant time with on the nose, which is a rare compliment. The palate is warm and rich, where a dense corn character unfolds with lots of mineral notes and a pleasant, fall marsh earthiness developing on the finish. The spiciness in the palate is subtle, but excellent in terms of where it sits. The finish has nice spices – nutmeg, hot cinnamon, and more semi-dried tomato and a light herbal character.

Perhaps the most flavorful 100% corn whisky that isn’t more than 15 years old, although Blacones Baby Blue is worth a shout too. This is a bit richer and has more oak, and it’s not quite as creamy, oily, or “raw” corn as the Baby Blue. I really appreciate the investment into quality corn – it does show. Also, this will get even better if it continues to sit in a barrel a few more years.

A great tasting besides Balcones Baby Blue, Westland Single Malt, and Glen Saanich Ancient Grains – all great, young, grain driven whiskies.

Highly Recommended (48% of all whiskies I’ve reviewed to date get this recommendation or higher). On a taste level, this might drop down to “recommended” but it’s extremely worthwhile to try the complexity and uniqueness in a corn whisky like this. It’s rather fascinating.

Value: Low. On a value standpoint, paying north of $100 USD for a product like this - you are paying for something unique, local, and more expensive to make - but on a taste perspective, you can do better for flavour and complexity from some larger producers.