My Canadian Whisky Wish List / by Jason Hambrey

Next week closes with July 1, Canada Day. In light of that, next week I am going to post reviews from some of my all time favorite Canadian whiskies. Canadian whisky has certainly undergone significant change in the last 5 years, but there is much that I would love to see. Much, of course, relates to ABV to push Canada past the nearly ubiquitous 40%. Here are, at this stage, my top 10:

  • Cask strength versions of mature single grain corn, barley, and rye whiskies from Forty Creek. I think they could make a good run with single barrel releases - I've tasted all their component whiskies and they are all great at 6-10 years.
  • More releases of ultra-aged rye from Alberta, like their phenomenal 25 and 30 year old whiskies, but at 46%.
  • For the sake of interest, some releases of triticale whisky from Alberta. Also, more releases of their unmalted barley.
  • A rye whisky from Highwood - as in, a release of mostly rye grain, not mostly corn or wheat.
  • Some well-aged malted barley whisky from Hiram Walker
  • Public tours of all the major Canadian whisky distilleries (currently, you can't visit most distilleries).
  • Still Waters Rye matured in lightly charred new oak, for at least 6 years. I love the Still Waters rye distillate, and I think it would mesh well with new oak as long as there wasn't too much char/caramel. Alternately, I'd love to taste some of their rye past the 5 year old mark in those bourbon barrels.
  • Crown Royal Hand Selected Single Barrel - available in Canada (currently it isn't).
  • Danfield's 21 Year Old at 46%. It is already so phenomenal, but a bit higher ABV would likely up the finish and body of the whisky
  • Cask strength versions of Masterson's Rye. This is such phenomenal stuff, and it terrific as it is - but the extra added strength would be phenomenal too.

Of course there is lots we could add to this list, but many of those have been on my list for some time...