Review: Entrapment 25 Year Old Canadian Whisky (Orphan Barrel) / by Jason Hambrey

 Image courtesy of Crown Royal.

Image courtesy of Crown Royal.

25 Yrs; Refill Barrels
97% Corn, 3% Malted Barley
Distiller Gimli (Gimli, Manitoba)

Orphan Barrel's first release of Canadian whisky from Diageo's Crown Royal distillery in Gimli. It is old - 25 years, and used the batch base whisky distilled at Crown Royal (for more, see my post on Crown Royal's Five Distillates). The batch base whisky is an intensely creamy corn whisky distilled in a column still and then distilled again in a copper kettle and column still (something like a column still sitting on top of a copper pot still).

Review (2018)

  • Batch: 0630
  • Bottling Code: N/A
  • Bottling Date: 2017

A creamy nose - lots of custard, coconut, white grape, vanilla, blueberry, corn husks, oak, light moalsses, and light earthy undertones. Lots of nice aged whisky notes (they remind me of blueberry, but some describe them as green apple). Classic, rich, well-aged Canadian whisky. It may seem simple at first, but if you keep nosing you’ll notice layers of richness.

The palate is full of those creamy notes, with some brilliant underpinning oak, custard, and creme-brulee. However, it isn’t sweet – don’t get me wrong. There’s a very slight tannic edge to it which is quite nice. Very easy, and I actually like it with a splash of water in it, though it gets a bit light. I do wish this came in at a higher proof – I think the flavor would benefit a lot, if it didn’t get too tannic. The finish is lightly sweet and creamy, with a touch of bitterness and white pepper – vanilla, custard, blueberry, apple, and corn husks. For those who like „smooth” whiskies, this is about as smooth as it gets.

I’ve seen some reviews of this from reviewers who favour big bourbon-flavours. It’s no surprise they aren’t high – this is a soft, long-aged corn whisky (nothing like a bourbon) which I greatly appreciate, and is a style which has become a favorite of mine as I have had more of it – subtlety abounds in such a style. It’s a whisky that favours slow, small sipping not quicker drinking.

Score: 85/100

Value: 8/100 (based on $200)