Review: Rig Hand Brum (Sugar Beet Rum) / by Jason Hambrey

Photo courtesy of Rig Hand Distillery.

Photo courtesy of Rig Hand Distillery.

100% Sugar Beet Molasses
Distiller Rig Hand (Nisku, AB)

Here is something you don't see very often! Rig Hand distillery in Nisku, AB, wanted to make a local rum, however, sugar cane doesn't grow in Ontario. They turned their attention to sugar beets, instead, but initial experiments using sugar beets directly produced a spirit that had a dirt flavor no matter what level of cleaning was done. Consequently, they turned their attention towards sugar beet molasses sourced from the Rogers/Lantic plant in Taber, Alberta. It is reasonably sweet, but this is not from added sugar but rather from a backset flavouring technique where some of the unfermented water/molasses mixture is set aside before fermentation and added to the final distilled spirit for both flavouring and colouring.

Review (2017)

  • Batch: N/A

  • Bottling Code: N/A

  • Bottling Date: 2017

Quite the nose! Earthy, earthy and fruity – loads of black licorice, spices, red cabbage, plums, red currants. Complex and interesting. A surprising palate, revealing more than the nose – clove, light nuts and loads of dried fruit – raisin, dried apricot – it also, for whatever reason, has many touches that remind me of rancio. Anyone who likes licorice flavors and sherry might find this of interest! Terrific finish full of spices, leather, raisins, red currants – it reminds me quite strongly of armagnac.

Assessment: Very Highly Recommended. Taste alone would land it in the range of a recommended, but this is so unique and intriguing it’s one of my favourite tries of the year! Pick up a bottle, if you can find it.

Value: High.