Review: Collingwood Canadian Whisky / by Jason Hambrey

Oak, then toasted maple stave finish
Distiller Canadian Mist (Collingwood, Ontario)

This whisky is aged in white oak barrels and finished with toasted sugar maple wood. The whisky is blended together and then put in a marrying vat for nearly a year with toasted maple staves, to "mellow" the whisky – producing a very similar effect to placing them in maple barrels.

Review (2013)

  • Batch: N/A

  • Bottling Code: N/A

  • Bottling Date: ~2013

Nose: Fresh cut wood (green), brown sugar, light floral and fruity rye, pear, and a bit earthy and candy-like… maple syrup and caramel also is present. Integrated is a light floral note, perhaps peonies.  A very enjoyable nose. There’s also orange peel and some berry notes – raspberry in particular- which I notice more clearly the farther my nose is from the glass. Oak is also in the background ever so slightly. The one thing I don’t love is that the rye sometimes seems a bit misplaced in the nose which doesn’t help it, and there’s a sour, meaty note coming from, I assume, the corn…

Taste: It’s quite sweet…the fresh wood from the nose comes in and gradually heats up with some rye flavour and spice before being covered for a second by sweet, syrupy wood notes before finishing with rye spice once more. It does a decent job of going with the theme but I wouldn’t object to more complexity. I like the combination of the sweet and the spicy in this whisky – there’s not too much of either for me but they’re both distinctly there. It’s pretty easy drinking too.

Finish: Dusty and spicy rye, framed with a bit of sweetness from the maple. It fades slowly into a more oaky, dryfinish. Quite pleasant – I like the changing nature of the finish and the final result is good.

Decent, and quite approachable. My uncle doesn’t usually drink whisky, but he says he loves to have guests over and set a bottle of Collingwood in the centre of the table and watch as it is gradually drained dry over the evening. This is a fabulous mixer, for sure, and an enjoyable sipper.

Score: 79/100

Value: 69/100 (based on $35)

Review (2015; Blind)

  • Batch: N/A

  • Bottling Code: N/A

  • Bottling Date: 2015

Rich grain, chocolate coated cranberries, raspberry creamsicle, spice, and still creamy with some creamed corn influences. Oak and dark brown sugar come through with good mouthfeel on the palate, which turns dry as it closes with dried berries, caramel, and bean sprouts.

Score: 81/100

Value: 72/100 (based on $35)

Review (2018)

  • Batch: N/A

  • Bottling Code: N/A

  • Bottling Date: 2017

Mixed porridge, apple seeds, rose, vanilla sugar, barrel char, baking bread – all sorts of nice grain notes, in fact. Toasting blueberry eggos, buckleys, grape drink – loads of candy syrup notes. The palate continues on, continuing an easy path forward despite the spices and the caramel pulling you back in. Great body on the finish, full of toffee, spice, dried fruit, and a bit more rose. Lots of sweetness – wow. Like rich maple syrup.

Score: 81/100

Value: 71/100 (based on $36)