Review: Forty Creek Nanaimo Bar Cream / by Jason Hambrey

Forty Creek Nanaimo Bar 1.jpg
Fresh dairy cream, sugar, alcohol, canadian whisky, milk proteins, natural and artificial flavour, caramel.
Distiller Forty Creek (Grimsby, Ontario)

I realize I’ve never formally reviewed Forty Creek Cream, which is the most complex cream whisky I’ve tasted, as I discussed in a post on the best Canadian cream whiskies.

Forty Creek has now added to their repertoire with this, a nanaimo bar inspired cream whisky. Nanaimo bars, deliciously rich bars with a chocolate nutty base, a creamy custard middle, and a dark chocolate top are one of the signature desserts of Canada and one of the signature desserts of all time for those who have tried or made a good one. My childhood memories of Christmas certainly were not complete without nanaimo bars.

I have always thought that whisky creams deserved more exploration, and it’s great to see some more varieties being released.

Review (2020)

  • Batch: N/A

  • Bottling Code: N/A

  • Bottling Date: 2020

A rich cream liquor (aren’t they always?), full of notes of chocolate, caramel, coconut, and biscuits. The finish is sweet, smooth, boozy and full of caramel and a touch of spice. A nice addition to the cream whisky world - this one, as with Forty Creek’s standard cream whisky, is packed full of a wide range of flavours compared to other cream whiskies.

For those who like coffee or hot chocolate with their cream whiskies, this works well in both. I wasn’t sure if this would overpower the other components - definitely not.

Better than Bailey’s, as with Forty Creek’s other cream liqueur.