Black Velvet Distillery





Lethbridge, Alberta


Column Stills

Production Capacity

18.5 million litres per year

For reference, consider the relative production of Black Velvet:

  • 46% of Jim Beam's annual capacity

  • 231% of Maker's Mark annual capacity

  • 154% of Glenfiddich annual capacity

  • 211% of Macallan's annual capacity

Favorite bottle Reviewed (92/100):


Black Velvet distilery was founded in 1973 as Palliser distillery, however its name was changed after the popularity of its Black Velvet brand. It was built to make Black Velvet after demand far outgrew the supply from a distillery in Toronto which originally was created to distill gin. The distillery is now owned by Constellation brands, who moved Schenley brands (like OFC and Golden Wedding) in 2009 also to Black Velvet from Valleyfield. At the top end of the line, the distillery also produces Danfield's whiskies. Rye and corn are distilled.

For more information on the history and operation of Black Velvet Distillery, I highly recommend Davin De Kergommeaux's book Canadian Whisky.