This website came out of a desire to share and interact with others in the whisky world. In 2013, I created a blog called Whisky Won, and less than two years later I was regularly leading tastings, meeting countless acquaintances, judging for the Canadian Whisky Awards, and finding a growing passion not only for whisky but also for cocktails, other spirits, wine, food, and on and on....

This website focuses on whisky, particularly Canadian. Why Canadian? Not many have settled on Canadian whisky (though there is a certain buzz at the moment) - either because of lack of access to good Canadian whiskies, bad experiences with low quality Canadian Whisky, or some other good, or poor, reason. My own experience has convinced me (and many of my friends!) of its worth. I will, of course, write about other whisky and drinks - but there are already countless enthusiasts and experts writing about these things, in many cases much better than I can.

If the site is largely about whisky, why the champagne glasses rather than, say, a barrel? If this were about the production of whisky, perhaps a barrel would be a suitable logo - but this is more about the celebration and discovery of taste, ideally not in isolation - symbolized much better with champagne glasses than a solitary barrel. Food and drink brings people together, in a circle, and becomes a medium for relationships, story-telling, and, of course, great enjoyment. At it's best, it isn't particularly suited to be enjoyed alone - but flourishes in the sharing with others over time.

I reside in Ottawa, Canada, and, though much of my time is spent with whisky, it is my hobby, not my profession. I have a deep love for fine coffee, wine, spirits, and cocktails - but whisky is still king, with more complexity, stillness, and patience than any of the previous drinks (cocktails, I admit, come in a close second: if you haven't ventured beyond Rum & Coke there is a world waiting for you...).

Enjoy the site!